Installation + Care

Screws and Fixings

We include complimentary screws with all of our products. However, depending on where you are using your hook will depend on the screw required. Unfortunately, without seeing your beautiful spaces in person, we cannot give advice online. We encourage all of our customers to seek advice from someone 'in the know', such are your local hardware store.

One of a Kind

All of our brassware is handmade through a lengthy process! First the design is carved, a mold is created and then each mold is hand poured and set. There's no big machines making our products. This also means that pieces can be slightly different, but they are always unique and made with love. Please keep this in mind when purchasing, as you may find small blemishes and marks from the process; this makes us love them even more!


All of our products (excluding some from our Reno Range) are made from brass (the real deal!) This means that they will not rust, however they may begin to oxidise over a long period of time. There are many ways to polish brass which you can find online, personally, we recommend using a dry cloth to polish your brass.

Our gold, matte black and chrome finishes have been sprayed onto the set brass, for this reason they may be more prone to chipping, and may discolour over time. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the colour finish. Please handle them with care.

Teaspoons - please hand-wash your teaspoons with care and again, they will require polishing to avoid oxidising. 


Coral and Brass accept no liability for injury, loss or damage incurred by use of any products provided whether arising from negligence or otherwise.